Research Projects

Structure of Government Project (ESRC funded 2014-17) (link to project website)

The project develops and applies a novel framework that will systematically map and explain these organizational changes within central government cross-nationally in four European parliamentary democracies, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The project based at Exeter will concentrate on developments in the UK and will explore themes comparatively with the cross-national team.

Publications informing the current project:

The Politics of Agency Death (PDF) British Journal of Political Science

The Executive Agency Revolution in Whitehall (pdf)

Conclusions (pdf)

The role of performance information about public services

This project examines the influence of information provided about the performance of local governments, schools, hospitals on citizens and service users’ perceptions of services, political voice and service choice. This strand of work, builds in part on an EU FP7 Project on the Public Sector of the Future.

Managerial leadership and structural change within public organisations

Building on an ESRC funded project on ‘chief executive succession, this work examines on the causes and effects of public management leadership change on organisational performance, including the ESRC chief executive succession project outlined below

Field and survey experiments as methods in public management research

This project includes collaboration on the edited book Experiments in Public Management (eds: Oliver James, Sebastian Jilke, Gregg Van Ryzin, Cambridge University Press 2017).